The world fashion of men is quite simple but gorgeous and fascinating. Few thinks about the accessories to compliment the outfit while some are so good looking on it. Men’s fashion world is killing and classy, we ladies fall to guys that can dress, not only dress but looks gorgeous and sexy aftermaths. We love guys that are body built with six packs, tall and handsome with some cash in the pockets.

While others are so good with the outfit combination in the sense that no matter the color used, they still looks cute on it, so far the color combination and their shoes matches they are good to go depending which occasion is best fitted for it. Guys have taught our ladies to combine polo, blazer and jean trouser together an the outcome turned out superb. Not to forget their designed waist belt that can match either their watches, bag, suit or even their shirt.

This guy in the above pics, let’s analyse his outfit. We will give him 90% from this outfit cos one: we didn’t see the full pic, like if he’s wearing shoes, sandals or fancy slipper o canvas. Two: his face is kind cut off, making us not to fulling analyze hi whole outfit outcome also if his outfit matches with his face. But from our point of view, we believe that the guy in question is a model,  must be handsome,  we all can see that he is built masculinely, the outfit is like it is only madebfor his body alone cos its so perfect on him. His black turtle necknis quite seducing an bossy like making babes to question themsleves,  what is hidden under that clothes. Is it  his fitted jean trousers, maybe from forever 21 or any designers. But in our summary, the guy is cute and his total outfit is killing.