“What a sad story “.

There was a terrible accident that happened in obollo-afor,  Nsukka Enugu State today been 1/3/2017.

Many lives were claimed because of the fire outburst which was caused by leakage in the fuel tank. Eye witnesses said that the driver of the said transit disappearred,  that he was no where to be found in the scene and some where injured in the process.


Please drivers,  am pleading before driving out anywhere, check your vehicles, cars and so on to make sure it’s in order before going out. To all car owners, please try as much as possible to maintain and service your cars to avoid negativity on the road. Check your fuel tanks,  if leaking repair it, check your engines if malfunctioning, service it, and so on and so forth. People check those you enter their cars/vehicles more over people should be careful about their lives. “Life is too precious to waste like that”.

So sad how their lives just ended like that and it will be difficult for their relatives, friends or neighbour to recognise their bodies. They can be easily identified if they have any mark on them. To these commercials please endeavour to check the bus before taking it for business or anywhere. It can be your life or that of your family or relations or even close friends. Without life there is nothing left in this world, all will be gone forever and we will be empty. Cherish other people life  like your own and the world will be a better place. To the mobile manufacturers, please produce quality products for use cos lives depends on your hands, to the individuals before paying for any automobile, do your research well and check the engines but if you don’t know anything about mibiles consult experts that will help to choose the best among all depending in the cash range. We all have to be very careful in things we do.