• James Foley have finally released the long awaited movie fifty shades darker. The continous part of fifty shades of grey, this film is another thing all together. The part Jamie Dorman ( Christian Grey) featured was kind of terrible in love affair, In fifty shades of grey, Christian suffered from sexual harassment from the mom’s friend, whom the mom trusted with all her heart. The mom’s friend, have forgotten her name taught christian how to f..u..c..k but not how to love. Christian had obstacles while growing up with abusive father to him and his biological mom. Christian sex life is not quite his faults cos he was little when the mom’s friend initiated him into that type of life. The ladies Christian have been with was obsessed with him that they can do anything and be submissive to his request.

Christain suffered alot that lead him not to have any affection for women because to him, sex is the argue and satisfaction of human desire, he doesn’t give a dam about his sex partner climatic point. Because of that,  it lead him to focus more on his job and career  and he became a millionaire who women (old and young) are fighting to gain his attention.

Christian’s sex life was like a bondage and darker side of his life, he can’t control. He likes to be the dominant partner during the act. Christain doesn’t give a f…k  about any lady, he only knows that girls are for his sex satisfaction and money and the only thing he loses is his hard earned money Christian respects his parent alot. He was full of himself until Dakota Johnson (Ana Steele) walk into his office and everything about him changed that moment. When Ana walked inside the office,  she was expecting nothing from the dude rather she went to ask questions about him just to clarify her thought and what people said he is. His mother taught him that family matters a lot. When h got himself in an accident with his personal assistant,  Ana thought that her life have ended until Christian walked into the door seeing how worried she was and embraced her.

The question now is, will Ana continue to date Christian knowing his sex past life or will Christian change his past sex life for his love for Ana?

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