Goodday all, today we are so excited to be talking about the most trending fashion in women’s world which is “blazers“. This (blazers) have done so many good in the women’s fashion without us noticing it. Blazers covers many fashion blunder such as color combo, fitness, uniqueness, fashion sense and so on.

Blazers is a well-fitted suit used to couple up our end dressing. This blazers can go with plain trousers, jeans trousers, demins, short skirts, pencil skirts and so many. Blazers also go with high heel, ankle sandals, wegdes, low shoes, boots, canvas but not with a slipper, please don’t ever try it even in the dreams because it’s a scandal in fashion.  Some wear their blazers out of cold weather, official look and so many reasons while some wears their’s for fashion. Blazers is like one of a kind in the fashion history, its like a to do list. We love blazers not just to clothe but as it’s concept as a whole, the different designs, materials used, colour,  sizes, fitting, styles and so on. Blazers can go with your shoe color,pants color, phone color, necklace, choker e.t.c. One of the reasons I see Asian’s movies is because of the movie fashion sense especially their women, they are killing. I also noticed that when wearing the blazers, their hairs are flying so loose and in ponytail, so interesting and they will also wear a piece of necklace or something.  This type of blazers reminds me,  the kardansian family members, they slay the clothe as no other with their rouged jeans, gowns and heels…….woah. Every lady must have this blazers, its a must………… just to compliment our fashion world. Husbands, lovers, boyfriends, friends try as much as possible to surprise your lady with one.

NOTE: Fashion is all about using what to  have to get what your desire in fashion