Wadup buddies, today we will be discussing the purpose of blogging and why do we blog? We have concluded that majority of people that blog is because of money forgetting that once the mindset of money is attach to blogging, you can’t  go far cos blogging requires patience, self-competent, accuracy and determination. Blogging is requires reading far and wild regardless of your study and interest. Being a blogger you need certain things on your own like time and space to enable you to think clearly and enable your write up to sound amazing and fun.  Blogging brings a lot experience and insight in life, it makes bloggers to be versatile in all areas of life. Being a blogger is equivalent to a traveller in two ways, one is that, they are the same with knowledge and inspiration. Secondly,  they are the same in influencing people and so on.

Blogging provides communication power and writing power, how so? In communication power,  a group or individual can mention or say something bothering them, his, her or their fans can suggest one or two ideas to solve the problem. And in writing power is like voicing out your heart, giving you the ability to be creative and uniqueness in all you do. Moreover been a writer gives individual the chance to meet prominent great men and women who are great in life and have achieved a lot in life. Why waste time? We want to use this media to say ‘thank you’ to all the bloggers in the whole world for the informations,  entertainment, cooking tutorial, DIY tutorial and so all, you guys have made us to learn a lot about certain things in life we could not have imagined achieving.

In blogging we share our talents, our thoughts, ideas, skills and initiatives and connect with the world to inspire those who wants to acquire knowledge. Blogging is very beneficial because it will make u to read far and near also making you to know what you never dream of knowing. Blogging makes one to stay focuse in both in wealth and in knowledge. For us bloggers, our utmost happiness is to share our ideas to the world and for us and the world to grow together without leaving anyone behind.


To be a blogger firstly we must have a gadgets like browsing phones, tablets, laptops, palm top, desk top and so on.

Secondly, access to internet: Lastly, be consistent and hardworking.