What is the meaning of this word “racism”?

    Racism is where one group or nation thinks that they are superior over others and the others are to answer to them.

We researched and found out that racism causes more harm than good in our lives without knowning it.

Why being a racist?

Racist in the real sense is being jealous of one’s group or nation, let’s think about it.

Racism is all about hatred about one’s nation or self or country. While hate them since you notice that they are greater than you, just because they may be ignorance of their situation doesn’t mean that they don’t value themselves as we do. We all have in mind that we don’t have the same the skin colour, body shape, mentality,  skills, education, knowledge and so on. Why been a racist when you know that our skin colour is not the same with yours? If you like our skin colour,  compliment me and not being jealous of it, if you like shape, compliment and not being jealous, if you like my hair,  stop being jealous and compliment Instead come let’s join hands and make the world great. Yes you may have the best country,  best knowledge, best education and best technologies then why being jealous of those that are still developing themselves, is it because you know they are better than you in every aspect of life.

Why maltreating them and treating them as slaves? Because we know once they are giving the chance they will be a thousand best than ours. We are not saying anyrhing but all we saying that we are all equal.

Have we ever think that those we are treating bad are human beings or are you still thinking that they are “monkeys”, if so then you are the one that needs sense and brain upgrading cos you are being left behind ever since. As the biologists said or postulated that we all are homo-sapiens that is upgraded monkeys in biology world. If those claiming to be better than others don’t know your biology well then who will. Blacks are suffering because of racism, India’s are suffering because of racism.

Ok guys, which people is leading in the music industries, the answer is Blacks. Which people is with the best grades in school, the f…cking answer is Blacks. Which people are the best doctors in the world, the best answer is Indians and Blacks in Indians. So my dear racist, stop being and join the club of happiness cos you are killing yourselves thinking you are killing the blacks in your country. Instead of those that racism is been done on to be angry, they decided to be happy and grow their empires. America racist have you ever thought that a black will lead America not to think being their President, the answer is No but Barak Obama was the recent Ex-President of the United States of America. Barak Obama’s last word during his president-elect speech was “WE ARE ONE”. God bless us, God bless America.