Today we decided to look into Nigeria actresses Instagram pages to check for the most fascinating page among them….you guys will see what we found out…… We think that social media can be for promoting your business and also for fun in the sense that one person can have one IG personal page and one IG business page but you will see someone combining his/her business in his/her personal page which makes the page to look somehow and untidy. Our first candidate with the best IG page is:

Ebube Nwagbo, IG @poshesteb

Congratulations @poshesteb for coming first in our list as the best Nigeria actress with the best Instagram page. This babe have her personal IG page differently from her business page and her business page on IG is @posheste_wig_by_e. When you visit her page its so interesting and classy that you will come back again for more update and also turn on notification on her page… Poshesteb is like a goddess of body shape, she’s so endowed with naturally beauty and good shape. And also she is among chief judges in beauty peagantry in Nigeria. Her Instagram page have a neat background, her wears is superb, always on heels and always looking classy and fabulous. Wow!!!! what a beautiful creature.

GENEVIEVE NNAJI @genevievennaji

Congratulation @genevivennaji for coming second in our list as the Nigeria actress with the best Instagram page. Genevieve Nnaji is one of the best Nigeria actress ever have, she is a role model to many and an entrepreneur international and national. Genny who is a single mother to her daughter who is now of age to be someone’s wife is a very gentle woman and appreciates things even the smallest of them all. Her IG page is super super fabulous with white background. Are we talking about her designer shoes, designer dresses, designer bags and so all. She was rumoured to have a house in Ghana. Genny spend most of her luxury life with friends. Well let us use this means to wish her Happy birthday in arearrs Nollywood legend. Genny’s fashion sense is wow and her combination is one in a million. If you like this woman hit the comment box for us to know why.

RITA DOMINIC @ritadominic

Congratulations to you @ritadominic for being the third of our list. Rita Dominic is a socialite and an entrepreneur, her fashion sense lead her to open a hairline which is booming so fast. Rita is so generous that she made Laura Ikeji Kanu one of the brand ambassador. She have separate IG accounts for personal and business. And she’s among those that have the highest followers on IG.

UFUOMA McDERMOTT @ufuomamcdermott

Congratulations dearie for coming the fourth position on our list, this lady is a film director, producer and also thrive ambassador. And her IG page is quite interesting for a second visit, she’s not lacking behind in the fashion world we must say. See more pics of her.

CHACHA EKE FANNI @chachaekefanni.

Congratulations to @chachaekefanni for coming 5th position in our list as the Nigeria actress that have the best IG page. Do you guys know why we love her? She’s a wife, mother to her two daughters, whom she individually opened IG account. She an actor, an entrepreneur who opened a fabric shop in abuja last year and she is doing well in the business. She is always unique in everything she does.OMONI OBOLI @Omonioboli.


Congratulations to our dearest actress and a motivator, a wife, a mother,  script-writer for coming the 6th position in our list. She loves her hair naturally and she can aslo help you to grows yours naturally and the styles you can do with it,  for those that like their hairs natural. She is friend with @ufuomamcdermott, @uchejombo, @chiomaapomtha. She is among the actress that filmed in the movie WIVIES ON STRIKE.

KATE HENSHAW @katehenshaw.


@Katehenshaw came the 7th position on our list, congratulations sweetheart. This woman can gym for Africa, she is so beautiful and does not age at all. Her IG page is cute and fascinating.



Congratulations my sweetheart as you emerge as the 8th position of the Nigeria Actress with the best IG page. She is a philanthropist. She is among the 100 most influential people in the world, she have many endorsements with companies. And she is a good wife to ber hubby Captain as she fondly call him and a good mother to her children because she will sponsor you to reach that your dream goal. One of daughters is Knorr ambassador at her young age. Did we forget to mention that she have the best curve ever as a mother.

QUEEN NWOKOYE @queennwokoye.

Congratulations to our ada mbano for been among the top 10 of Nigeria Actress that have best IG page. Queeny is a mother of two identical twins. She is a talented actor and a jovial woman on earth. Her movies is always funny and real like acted. She came 9th position in our list.


INI EDO @iniedo

Congrats dear for been the 10th on our list, she is very industrious and hard working. And to be honest with the heep of work on her desk she is trying to keep updated with her IG page.

Comment for any other observations……