What an experience!!!!!!” We were in the house this morning when my cousin came out and was saying that he saw a guy wearing his friend’s clothe/shirt that was stolen yesterday around fire service bus-stop in Enugu State”. The guy explained to us, he said, the thief was parading with his friends that early morning in their street, he rushed inside, picked his phone and started calling other friends. When the thief was hijacked he knew that his days was over. when they were asking the guy how he got the cloth he was wearing, he answered that he bought it with his money and still insisting that he is the owner of the clothes and everything he was putting on. They beat him mercifully but when they reached the station,  the thief told the officers that he was badly beaten and so on, claiming that the others guys tortured him. The thief was a very prominent and promising young man that have a bright future.

The friend in question was in the busstop with a woman about to board a bus when they were attacked by some groups of guys. The guys snatched the woman’s bag that contained 45,000 naira, her phone and other things while the guy was about to make a move, they broke a bottle and showed him a gun in case if he was planning to run.

They took his travelling bag that contains his international passport, 40,000 Ghana Cedis, Ghana shirt, belts, cloths, and shoes. This morning when his friend saw some guys passing, he saw one of them wearing his friend’s cloth,  he alerted his other friends and they waged them on their way and some escaped and dashed into bus and keke ne pepe while one that was wearing the cloth was caught and those that caught him were too merciful on him and didn’t touch him much, we heard that the thief is now facing life imprisonment for his bad deeds…. Use this link to watch the video on youtube how the thief was caught and beaten.