Guys! Guys! Guys, today we will look into this thing called ” Relationship“. How do you feel about this and it’s sensitivity?  From our perceptive, relationship is all about agreement between two individual who decided to been together no matter what,  but the question now is, is relationship all about Sex?

Can sex be a part of fashion for relationship? We can say yes but argue in the comment box. As they say, sex strengthen a relationship and make love to grow but we can disagree on that, you know why. The reason is that most people think that sex is the ultimate in a relationship but it’s not, the ultimate is understanding and good rappor between the people in question. Have you ever seen couples that have good sex life but still quarrels in their relationships,  Yes cos there’s no understanding between them but only that concept of sex in their mindset.

Relationship brings out the best in you and not the worst, it lift you to the highest level in life, it also gives you the best moment in life. Imagine that you are with the right one, being best friend to each other, enjoying each other’s company and opinion and many other things, i bet you, you can’t think of getting separated in the time to come. We have seen some guys/girls that will prove to you that they love you but once they have sex with you, some will hate you instantly, some will be Obsessed with your man size or your woman tightness, your type of sex life, how long you can last and prefer to stay in the relationship while few will love you no matter what you are or have done in the past. They will cherish you and treat you like no other. Please whoever you are dating, treat the girl like a queen and the boy like king. You wil find out that no matter what they will stay with you forever, except those that don’t appeeciate. But once their heart is 💔 broken, it’s turns worst, making some to turn into cassanova and cheaters, no trust for the partners and so on. Please for the heart to be intact, endeavor to make choices wisely cos the choice you made today can affect your life tomorrow, positively or negatively. Do you guys know that relationship is now part of fashion, how? Some will be like, who is latest babe you are dating, is she fashionable, is she influential or rich? Does she or he knows what is invoke in the world? Is she or he obsolete?