Laura ikeji kanu, who we mentioned in our previous post is expecting a child but the question is “How is she doing it”.  Even though she is pregnant,  she is so gorgeous and cute, more still have the energy to run her fashion business in Lekki,  Lagos state. Laura is a fashion guru, who have provided employment for young ladies and improve their fashion sense. Laura who is about to put to bed is opening her own reality T.v show. Her fashion sense have gone so far that she is opening her new jean clothing line, we wonder the trend the jean line will be like. Will it be more than khloe kardansian or not. Laura have inspired so many even other public figure like her have learnt a lot about her fashion world. Laura showed way to many including us on how to use social media to advertise your product and what ever you have in store for others. Through this “good friends” in quote can be earned likewise bad ones. She meant other fashion guru like herself and improved so much that she will ranking the most fashion store owner in Naija.  

She is so hot and sexy at this stage of pregnancy and stil have energy to run her business so well and smooth. Laura looks so great in her preggo session,  we doubt if single ladies can catch up with her in the fashion world. Her daughter will count herself lucky for being blessed with a great mom.

Laura is so stylish and generous and that’s what makes people and her fans to support her in her business. Laura,  who have the biggest fashion shop in Nigeria is booming so well and will not let anything to stop her not even the pregnancy. She samples what she wears and the items in her fashion store so well through her social media and she is getting more followers day by day on her IG page.

Have we mentioned that she’s the new ambassador of BNHAIR that deals with Wigs and weavons which originated from Canada and she is doing give away to any that will answer her questions correctly with the highest likes and laura have been crying on her IG page to be able to recover her body after putting to bed. Her shoes and dresses are literally killing………… And most of her fans wants to be like her and wear the same clothes she wears.