What a world!!!gical operation? we are quite speechless at the happenings of the world and what the world is turning into, still can’t fathom the extent of this piercing stuff. But come to think of it, at the initial time we saw these pictures, we though honestly that it is the work of a makeup artist but when we dogged deeper at this, we presumed that it’s the latest fashion trend. But guys, guys come to think of it, what if this is really trending in fashion world today, will you abide by it or not.


We all know that tattoo drawing is common among individuals now but cutting off skin in the name of tattooing is something else. Tattoo drawing can be drawn in any part of the body with different styles you desire it to be. It can be flower draw or individual pictures to always remember the person, it can be drawn for drawing sake.

We all know that piercing can only be done in the nose but nowadays, piercing is done in any part of the body. Guys you can’t wait to see this!!!!  People can be so enduring to body pain. What is the essence in piercing the fingers and wearing earings on it. This one is so funny,  piercing of the whole hand in the name of been creative or whatever.


This kind of looks real but literally speaking it can also be makeup design where in the action like X-men  makeup artist try as much as possible to be creative. At the initial time we thought its the makeup of art work. But later found that its like the new trend in their country. People endure such pain in the surgery room just to achieve this. Lets just assume that this is the work of a makeup artist, how can they achieve this. This is so spectacular.


We called this body separation in the sense that some people no longer like their body the way they are and tries to reform their body parts to their own desire and also pierce the outter body in so many places.

Guys what in the world can we call these!!!! Subscribe, Hit the comment box below and tell us what you think about this whole thing.