Come on all, today we will discuss about high heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, high heels. What do you guys think about it. For us high heels can be so fancy, classy, killing and literally fashionable. High heels completes an outfit no matter how odd the outfit may look like. There is a kind of humor you feel when wearing a heel. It gives morale in one self and makes to to feel save in the fashion world. High heels is so fashionable to the extent we can’t explain it all, but the we have, we will spill it out. High heels makes one’s step to be sexy and unique, it can also make one’s step to be glumly and stupid. With heels you can be able to control the awkward way you whine you waist.

This knee boot heel is so cute and feels so nice when you put them on. This can be used when you are putting on short demins, short skirt, short gowns or any short wear.   This one is best fitted when wearing short slit gown, short gown, pencil skirt, pencil gown, jean trousers, three-quarter gown, and so on. This heel is so classy and fashionable and less painful when wearing. This stiletto heels can be wore with any type of clothes. Its so wonderful anf can be less painful when using shoe soft foam. Have you guys ever seen celebrities on high heels? How do they look? Classy, fabulous,  gorgeous,  fashionable, we guess!!!!!!. We bet you, you can be more than them or even beat them. They, been a public figure doesn’t mean we can’t measure up to their fashion world, remember they have wardrobe specialist who help them achieve most of their looks. We challenge you, you can be your own wardrobe specialist, designer, even makeup artist so on. We love this black designed heels, its super cute, sexy and classy. Imagine you wearing this heels for an events, occasions or any outing, showcasing that your sexy and long legs, mehn. We fall in love with this heel the moment we set our eyes on it. But the most fascinating thing about it, is the diamond round design created to give it a superb look. High heels can go with anything and its make the clothe to be more mature, sexy and gegerous. S..m…i….l….e….s..,  some think that heels are for those that do not have height but we bet you, it’s not. High heels is a matter of choice and liking.

People fancy high heels but never wear them while some wears high heels because they are in love with heels. This lipstick pencil heels is one in a million and the design is so super wow. We love this design,  just take a look at the patterns, style and color even the material they used. This is extra cool for our liken…….. This can go with any clothe color and pattern but mainly with plain dresses or clothes to match the color and not make it to look too clumsy.