Ok guys, some people will say, what concerns exercise with fashion? But when you don’t exercise to lose fat, you will start developing belly fat which needs to be burnt down on daily occasions, your clothing will no longer be fitted in your body. Without exercise there is no fashion,  qoute us wrong in the comment box below. Exercise is not all about losing fat or for fitness, it is all about loving our body and molding it the best we desire it to be. Exercise gives fit to clothes, be it male or female. We ladies always admire and desire men with six-packs and masculine muscles but we can’t train ourselves to match with that. Don’t allow yourself to be so loose and fat. There is literally differences between fatness and thickness. Being sexy thick is super gorgeous and cute with bigger butt and boobs. Some will be slim and likes to be thick while some of us will be thick and wants to be slim, any of the above just hit the gym and achieve that you ever wanted to achieve that is why so of us call it Revenge body goal. With the revenge, you will be determine to go extra mile just to achieve your dream body. We exercise our body to be fit and flexible for all situations in life, though we exercise everyday of our life by walking, climbing stairs, cleaning, driving e.t.c. But there is something we call massive and routine exercise whereby you have a PROFESSIONAL TRAINER/COACH to train you on your routine workout.

There is a big difference between exercise and workout. But we love the workout concept and everything in it. The determination,  persistency,  patience, endurance e.t.c workout deals with equipment to yield faster result like growing of butt but this will be topic of another day. So exercise is very good for our body to help in the metabolism and catabolism of the body. Imagine your life where you will sit at a place, no movement you will eat, drink and sleep. Imagine how fat will start to accumulate in your beautiful body, you will start to developing lumps from all over the body. Before you will know what is happening you can’t even stand not to talk of walking cos your body will be heavy for you to move. Who is the most fattest human being on earth and reason why? People can’t be fat when they are vegetarians but when you consume every eatable thing my dear that body you love so much will turn to that body you hate so much. Have you ever wonder the reason celebrities and public figure do their workouts daily. It’s because they want to maintain their body stature and build up their body stature to standard.

They are no fools to do that. Have you ever wonder why Rihanna is the queen of sexy legs it is because she is maintaining her body through exercise and workout.

Today you have to decide which way to follow.