Victoria’s secret! Victoria’s secret!! Victoria’s secret!!! Well when we were surfing the internet, we came across Victoria’s secret and there’s something she said “No fitness, No fashion” on her IG page and we were like whoa, how did she know what was on our mind? Andthe most interesting thing is their lingeries line called SummerLikeAnAngel. The new lingeries are literally and practically so cute and gorgeous, and so super ready for the summer. Victoria’s secret line is so super and they have quality brand that is always so wow.

For us that don’t know about Victoria’s secret. Her full name is Victoria Beckham,  wife of David Beckham. David Beckham is one of the greatest footballer in the history of soccer, very handsome and sexy back in his days. Victoria on her record was among the three that created Destiny child including Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. But today, it’s all about Victoria’s secret.

         Victoria was so talented in fashion and good in music that any man that will see their music videos then will fall in love with them more especially Victoria. David on the other hand was a very known footballer, cute and sexy and Victoria was so sexy and young. David started dating Victoria later married her but not only married her, he inspired Victoria more on her fashion world and supported her so much and that leads to Victoria’s secret. 


Victoria’s is one of the top designers in the world, and their runway is always superb and so entertaining cos they got exactly what the audience is looking for and their brand is super classy and sexy. They deal with all types of clothing like designers gown, jeans,  shirt, short,  polo and so on. Now they have expanded so much that they are into sexy lingeries for summer.

         Victoria’s secret new line of lingeries called “SummerLikeAnAngel” and for us,  the wears are so sexy and gorgeous that fits both the slim and the thick and can make our men go crazy and fall in love with us all over again when they see us wearing it.


Did we mention Victoria’s secret super models like Bella hajid, Jastookes, Romeestrijd, Adriana lima, Laisribeiro, well we are super happy to announce that Angel Candices is back in Victoria’s secret. These models are so good and can do what they know how to do best. Their skin are so super sexy and shine through the mirror, is it their shapes that drives men to heaven and bring them back, or their sexy legs use for the runway and photo shoot. These models are what keeps us going cos without them, fashion is nothing.

You can watch the video in our youtube channel @iamchristy #summerLikeAnAngel. Victoria’s secret IG said “it’s what’s underneath that counts” and it’s just the pain plain truth.



        Some girls will be feeling sexy while the underneath is so messed up. Some of us should learn even if the money is not there to buy designers, buys locals and be clean and happy.