Hello guys, Iamchristy and co decided to bring to you the beauty nature of makeup. Makeup as it sounds is like adding up something to bring out the inner or extra beauty of the object, that is why we will be discussing about human beauty make up. Makeup does not end in drawing the eye brow and filling it up, it’s far more than that. Beauty makeup requires the skill of a professional makeup artist that knows the inner secret of makeup. Beauty makeup requires patience, creativity and knowledge to be perfect, that is the reason people go for makeup training so as to be perfect in what they are doing and they fall in love with their work, appreciate it and make it fun.

Do you guys want us to analyse this beauty outcome? Yea yea yea, we will start from the eyes to analyse it. Well the artist used dark red brown, dark grey and glitter silver, the eye liner, mascara, lashes used to achieve this look and the artist tried by blending out the outlines of the eye shadows, who knows the brand they use for the eyes. Coming to the face, let us mention the primer, the powder, the setting powder,the contour and highlight is so super dope and looks gorgeous. Like the way they this face shape is quite impressive and looks sexy from our own point of view.  Is it about the bronzer used, its beautiful.

Well this whole scenario is very impressive and creative. Like this make up stuff can cover a whole lot of shit and can be very deceitful for those that doesn’t know anything about makeup. Guys do you know that some of our men can be funny and confuse. They will be the ones complimenting a girl with makeup, appreciating her, telling her how beautiful she is, at the other hand they will be like OMG i don’t like makeup, babe i want you to look natural, then when go for an outing and you guys will see a polish girl wearing confirm makeup, they are the same dude that will say wow this babe is gorgeous and sexy. Guys i want you guys to tell the reason why you don’t like your babes to be wearing makeup but will appreciate others when they do.

We all can see how this babe is looking like a barbie doll with her makeup and everything looking so sweet and fabulous. We love her choker, her makeup, hair do and dressing. Everything about her is looking so good and nice and her facial look is wow. Lets focus on the facial look of this babe, her product will be of origin and good and well known brand. Her lip color is sexy and kissable, her contour and highlight is nice, her eye shadows is sweet. All these gorgeous beauty makeup will make you to question if they are really humans or alien. We will suggest that the ladies try to learn the tip of makeup so as not to feel initiated about themselves.