Today is all about Nigerian hairdo and the fascinating part of is, how do they achieve the different style? Nigerian’s hairdo is very beautiful and creative. The most important part is that it fits them very well and they know how to fling the hair style. Nigerian’s create this styles like they are born with the gift or something. The dazzling part is how do they do it? cos we know that fixing weave is kinda difficult not to talk of plaiting or making Africa style which is more difficult to achieve. we heard about a hair design called ” Ghana weaving” oh boy that is very very very difficult to achieve cos it requires time, patience, hard work, competence and so on.

This hairstyle is so good and looks gorgeous and we think it will and can fit anybody no matter your color and race. Have you guys ever hear about “Ghana weaving”? It is trending design invoke now, it is very smooth when making and tangle less. This Ghana weaving is now what most African’s use to design their hair. Now lets analyse this beautiful hairdo of the gorgeous lady, we love the cornrow, the styling and everything. This African weave makes ladies to be more beauty and good looking. We understand that this weave brings out the shape of face making it look tight and molding the face the more also it can be more or less painful during the process.

Though is lady is a beauty but you can’t compare her when she is on her African weave, this made her to look more sexy and fashionable. This African weave is fashionable to the extent that the white is coping the blacks on that. Let the truth be told, Africans are more creative than any  other. Quote us wrong the comment box below. This lady’s hairstyle is so superb that she is looking more killing with her looks and beauty, the curly waves, the hair length and the color is super cool. What can be done to this African creativity of theirs? Nothing but to learn from them. Honestly , we can learn a lot from the Africans like this braiding, beads,hair styling, clothes designing and so many of them. We will  give African super thumbs up for bringing out such gift within them and making us to know that we can be more than others maybe not in everything but in everything, cos we believe in ourselves and know that we can do more if given the chance to do.