Hey guys, we will speak on Nigeria guy attire not the traditional attire again but the way of dressing in general. What do you guys think? Well for us, we think that the male Nigeria are so good in outfit and outfit combination likewise accessories like watch, necklace, shoes, bracelets and so on. But do you guys think that they are good in fashion or not? Because for us, we think that they are so good in fashion and everything that concerns fashion outfit.

OK guys, let analyse this dude gorgeous outfit cos we are so in love with it. Can you guys see the color combination of milk and black, how he put everything in place to where it suppose to be. The black tucks inside looks sweet and sexy. His suit jacket is fashionable and fitted, the pant’s color is rich black, his pair of shoe na die. OK going down to his round cape, glass and wrist watch is very catchy and looks good on him. Though he lock up things but still looks good and dangerously sexy. Everything about this guy is fascinating and gorgeous, the masculine stature, the posture, the pics background moreover his neatness. Thumbs up our man, you rocks.

Wow, this dude combination is OK but not fantastic, do you guys know why? There is much color in the outfit like blue, red, milk, ash and so on. His combo went well cos it complimented everything on his outfit. We love the classy blue shirt with milk buttons that goes with the jacket and the glass he is putting on. The dark spot on his pants goes with his back belt on the waist and his black lather watch. His pant’s color goes with the red bow in his breast pocket. We think that the outfit is quite superb but not sexy and classy.  So sorry dude but it is not encouraging for us to take. Maybe you should try and improve more on outfit sexiness and classy.