Wonders will never cease to happen, this morning a man was caught in a hidden place performing ritual incantations with his girlfriend name so as to invoke the girls spirit for money ritual in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria. This man was found to be a resident individual in the mentioned state and as they said he is one of the richest in the area. People never queries about his wealth because he is so generous and kind, people thought that he is that way because he never quarrels without body not even to exchange word with you.

They said his so called girlfriend is a nice girl and she loves him so much that she can do anything for him not minding sacrificing her life for him. Little did she know that the boyfriend is a Ritualist, lucky for her, her days on earth was postponed by a good citizen who caught the man when he was performing the ritual with the girl’s name inside and a wooden female carve inside the coffin. They said that the guy in question gives his girlfriend whatever she opens her mouth to ask him not that the girl is demanding but to get what he wants anytime he wants. The guy was pictured around the vicinity where he was paraded this morning by some individuals and he was also chained on the legs to avoid physical and spiritual escape. People can be funny at times, maybe this girlfriend of his was still in his house that was why he went to a hidden place to perform a dead sentence ritual on her. The so called guy did not show any remorse when he was pictured being paraded. He was so mean and knows what he was doing. But person get mind oooo, how we go get babe, fuck em finish and still kill em, on top wetin?Anyway that is life for you. Girls please be careful who you date or befriend, date because you love the person and not because of his money, even if he doesn’t have encourage him and be his strength tomorrow will always be bright. Don’t use because of money and fall a victim of ritual killing. We have heard about cases like this but this one, the girl is so fucking lucky cos if not that they caught the man, the girl will be rotting in the pit of hell, suffering her people by making them to cry.  That reminds us, parents please don’t force or advice your daughter to get hook on a guy that is bust up, arrogant, no respect, so proud of himself more dangerously that can raise his hand on a woman because after beating you daughter he can also beat you but to be hook with a guy that knows he is a man not being a man on words but on action cos real men don’t raise their hands on women and they don’t get their money in the wrong sides. These are what we call real men. Click here to watch the full video. 👇